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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dynamic Duo

GA Gives Day shines a spotlight on the work of the many Georgia non-profits that make our state a better place to live. #GivingTuesday is a global giving initiative. Both come together on 27 November to raise consciousness for worthy causes.
The Georgia Center for Non Profits provides an on-line giving platform. It's an easy, quick, and secure way to make a tax-deductible donation with your credit card. Friends of Ocee and the AFPLS Foundation are both participating. Your donation helps fill in the gaps not covered by the country's budget. The gift of your time is also greatly appreciated!  

Indigenous Cookery

“You take from the land only that what you require and give thanks to the creator for the gift that was shared to you to share with others. And by doing so, you insure a continued nature flow of life.” - CHEF QUENTIN GLABUS

Visit here for news about indigenous cookbooks, some history, and five recipes from indigenous chefs.

Library Closed

Take note that all branches in AFPLS will close at 6 pm Wednesday 21 November and will be closed Thursday and Friday in celebration of Thanksgiving. Branches will reopen on Saturday the 24th. Digital services are available during closing.
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2018 National Book Award Winners


George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1949
“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin, 2000
“The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn’t one.”

Joyce Carol Oates, Man Crazy, 1997
“Secrets have always been easy for me, it’s the opposite of secrets that is hard.”

Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go, 2005
“Maybe all of us at Hailsam had little secrets like that — little private nooks created out of thin air where we could go off alone without fears and longing.”

Oxford Word of the Year

“In 2018, toxic added many strings to its poisoned bow becoming an intoxicating descriptor for the year’s most talked about topics,” the publisher said in a statement online Thursday. “It is the sheer scope of its application, as found by our research, that made toxic the stand-out choice for the Word of the Year title.” Other words on the short list include:

Gaslighting: The action of manipulating someone by psychological means into accepting a false depiction of reality or doubting their own sanity.

Incel: An incel is a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually. Typically, they hold views that are hostile towards men and women who are sexually active.

Orbiting: Orbiting is the action of abruptly withdrawing from direct communication with someone while still monitoring, and sometimes responding to, their activity on social media.

Overtourism: An excessive number of tourist visits to a popular destination or attraction, resulting in damage to the local environment and historical sites and in poorer quality of life for residents.

Techlash: A strong and widespread negative reaction to the growing power and influence of large technology companies, particularly those based in Silicon Valley.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Reader's Block

“Reader’s block” is a well-documented problem, and even avid readers occasionally suffer from it. The good news is that it’s not incurable, but it might require a little creativity and effort on your part." Visit Mentalfloss for some great ways to get out of your reading slump!