Monday, September 13, 2010

Fight for Libraries

In case you missed it, Sunday's Atlanta Journal Constitution had a piece by Atlanta author Karin Slaughter on the op-ed page:"Fight for Libraries as you do freedom" written in defense of libraries' worth as they face increasing budget cuts.

And no, the book pictured above doesn't have anything to do with Slaughter's piece, but I did find the title appropriate! The book itself is a piece of manga about a future world where a special library army (!) fights censorship. Interesting concept, eh? Unfortunately the library doesn't own a copy, but you can find it here on Amazon.

It's always interesting to see what'll turn up when you do a random web search: in this case, I googled  "book fight" to look for images to illustrate this post. I found this bumper sticker, from Earth House, that I also thought was worth a mention:

and while it doesn't specifically mention libraries, it's a pretty good sentiment, nonetheless!