Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank you!

We had a very successful book sale this weekend - we made $1,900 for the Ocee Library, thanks to your purchases.

Here's a few pictures, in case you missed the sale:
Getting it all set up - the quiet before the storm
Happy shoppers
We had so many kids' books this time...
...we had to expand onto the patio.
But that gave at least one happy reader a good place to perch :)
In addition to raising almost two thousand dollars for the Ocee library, we were also able to donate leftover books to a prison, a school system in Alabama, a center for the sight-impaired (books on tape), Books for Africa (through Chattahoochee High School), North Fulton Community Charities, and Goodwill. We also recycled those books that had finally outlived their usefulness. I'm proud of all the hard work our volunteers put into not only making the book sale happen, but to finding a good home for the many unpurchased books afterward.

Just a few of our many volunteers who make it all possible

 Our volunteers are the heart of the Friends of Ocee - it takes a lot of unpaid manhours to make a book sale happen, and we're lucky to have a great team. We're always looking for more help though, so email us if you have a few hours to spare: