Monday, November 15, 2010

Donor Recognition Wall

We are contemplating adding a donor recognition wall at Ocee Library, with initial funding to come from the generous donations made in memory of William H. Hamlin, Jr..

The Giving Tree wall at the Northeast/Spruill Oaks library was the genus of our donor wall idea: Mr. Hamlin's daughter, Patricia, noted that it "“planted the seed” for me to talk with my father about including the library in his obituary. Perhaps it will have a similar impact and encourage others to give to Ocee".
Spruill Oak's Giving Tree
We want to incorporate this idea, while giving it our own twist.  Here are some design ideas to get us thinking - these are merely meant to be inspirations, not exact depictions of what ours would look like.  Our wall would also be relatively small compared to most of these, so imagine scaled down versions. It would most likely be located against the right-hand brick wall in the outermost vestibule, if you wanted to picture it in situ. We'd love to hear any suggestions, especially if you can think of a way to work some local Ocee connection into the design.

These first few ideas are 'bookish':
Leather faux book spines with imprinted donor names
Wood shelves with brass books engraved with donor names (no mime on ours though!)
Faux books flanking engraved plaques
This is a piece of art with donor names painted on book spines

Another painted bookshelf idea
Books stacked horizontally

Some other, more general, ideas:
Backlit glass
Spotlit crystal
Names flanking book-related art

Again, view these pictures as jumping-off points, and let us know of any ideas you might have!