Monday, December 13, 2010

A Library in Stockholm, Sweden

Remember this for the next time you're in Stockholm (as you know, you sometimes are!). Ok, well, no, perhaps not, but you can armchair travel a bit sometimes, can't you? Plus (spoiler alert) if you read far enough into this post, you can discover what Ocee has in common with this library!

The City Library, which opened in 1928 and was the first in Sweden to allow patrons to choose their own books off the shelves (rather than ask a librarian for them) - an idea they borrowed from America!

 Inside the rotunda. Books circle the room on three different levels.

I want to be sitting right there!

Something about seeing that many books lined up on shelves, waiting to be checked out, makes my little book-loving heart beat faster (even if I probably couldn't understand a single word in any of them!).

I went to their home page, not expecting to be able to understand a thing, but it turns out they have an "Welcome to the Public Library" page in 14 (14!) different languages*. Anyway, the library assures:
"if you cannot find something you are looking for, e.g. books in your own language, ask the staff. In many cases the library will be able to obtain what you are looking for either by buying the book [emphasis mine] or by borrowing it from another library".
My kind of library! And now (drumroll please) here's what Ocee and the Stockholm library have in common:  if you ask at our reference desk, they can also sometimes either buy the book (using money from the Friends!) or get it for you through interlibrary loan. No promises, but definitely give it a try when you're looking for something the system doesn't own!

    * My fav way to say "Welcome to the Public Library"? Ku soo-dhowaada rugta buugagga! That's Somalian and I like how the last two words make you think of rutabagas :)