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Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Big Happy

The comic strip One Big Happy, by Rick Detorie has been running a series of book-related strips this week. This was the first in the series:
Copyright Rick Detorie, as seen on
If you missed them in the AJC (bottom of the left comic column, next to Family Circle), you can visit the website to see the whole series (just click the blue "Next" button to the right to move on to the following day's strip). You'll meet the much beloved, much beleaguered "Library Lady" in the second strip (thanks for the library love and occasional shout-out, Rick!)

The's Comics section is a good place to keep up with all kinds of comics, be they political or just something you can't find in your local paper. The website also includes all kinds of syndicated advice/lifestyle/health columns and opinion pieces from every point of view. Browse around - you never know what you'll find!