Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cobb County has proposed closing 13 of its 17 libraries to help balance its budget; an editorial in today's AJC by Margaret Johnson-Hodge speaks quite eloquently to the tangible and intangible benefits a library offer to its patrons:
"You see, a library is more than books. It is more than the people who staff them, and the rows and rows of tomes that fills its space. Libraries are refuge for the overwhelmed mind and respite from a technical age. Libraries are lifelines to the outside world and the hope for a better life. Libraries empower the spirit and uplift the soul. Libraries educate and liberate. They are as essential as the air we breathe."
Luckily, Fulton County has so far spared the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library system the drastic cuts other surrounding counties have been forced to make - kudos to our commissioners for recognizing the worth of the libraries, especially in such a tough economic climate.

*For more on the Cobb County situation, also see the article headlined "Cobb library proposal seen as political ploy to raise taxes", again from today's AJC.

Update: The libraries managed to avoid the chopping block! They'll stay open after all, due in part to Twitter and Facebook campaigns on their behalf.