Tuesday, June 21, 2021

More Random Tuesday Fun

I've got tons of bookmarks of interesting book-related things that I never get around to posting about, so I think I'll give you five more new links this week. You never know what you'll get, but I'll try to make it good!

"Budget cuts force libraries to re-examine roles" from Salon

"Books, the new Prozac?" from The New Yorker

Post-apocalytic library  - a very intriguing image from artist Lori Nix

Read Your Bookcase - what happens if you actually put books in it though?

A Country without Libraries from New York Review of Books

Tuesday, June 14, 2021

Random but fun links

Some interesting book related stories that didn't quite get a whole post to themselves...

Book Party

"Destroyed" Books (Atlanta artist!)

Dictator Dentistry

Future of Libraries in an E-Book Age

What Your Favorite Children's Book Says About You