Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fulton Family Loss

David and Rob Fulton, with a portrait of their father, Dr. Robert E. Fulton, at the opening ceremonies for the Ocee Library in October 2004
As many of you know, the Ocee Library's official name is the Dr. Robert E. Fulton/Ocee Library. Dr. Fulton was a County Commissioner and Library Board Trustee who fought long and hard for the creation of the Ocee Library. We literally would not exist if it were not for his passion.  Unfortunately, Dr. Fulton died suddenly just before the library opened, and the name of the library now reminds us of his dedication to our cause. (You can read more about the history of the Ocee Library by scrolling down at this post.)

After Dr. Fulton's death, his family has continued to stand by the library and they have donated funds for a variety of library needs through the years. Sadly on Friday, Dr. Fulton's eldest son, David Fulton, also passed away suddenly. David's brother Rob describes his brother as being "being most like my father, especially in terms of his unrelenting ability to get things done" (a trait of his father's that we most definitely benefited from!).  His death is devasting not only to the Fulton family, but also to our library - we have always appreciated the Fultons' continuing support of their father's namesake library.

David Fulton, visiting the library named after his father
David lived in Massachusetts, and is survived by his mother Autumn Ireland, wife Sherry, and children Kathryn and Jaclyn. He also leaves siblings Rob Fulton and Lori Cutillo.  (David Fulton's complete obituary can be viewed here, or here.)