Sunday, May 6, 2021


For those of you who like to plan ahead, we will be having a used book sale Friday July 27 & Saturday July 28. I'll post more details later, but consider this your 'Save the Date' card!

I also got word that the library system will be having an adult summer reading program (in addition to the traditional children's program) for the first time this year, so keep an ear out for more information on that as well.

From this week's media:
Here's a solution to all the books we have left over after a book sale! (This particular 'book igloo' was actually constructed from the remains of a Navy base library after it was decommisioned.)

Flavorwire has 10 Beautiful Buildings Inspired by Famous Books - this particular one is a tribute to Tolkien's The Hobbit.

Danny Fein has a series of lithographs called "Litographs" based on famous books. This one is Moby Dick - you can see a close-up at the bottom that shows you how the words from the book are used to create the design of the finished work. You can read more about them at Brain Pickings, or purchase one from the artist's web site.