Monday, June 18, 2012

No pretension here!

I just finished reading Charlie Haas' The Enthusiast, a "charming, funny, wise, and real*" novel set in the world of niche magazines. As good as the book is though, the best part may be the P.S. ( a section  Harper Perennial frequently adds to its trade paperbacks). The P.S. usually includes information about the author, additional insight into the book, and questions for reading groups.
                                                                *according to Anne Lamott anyway, and she might know a thing or two about writing...

Haas' P.S. is hilarious: not only does he include a mix tape list with a song for each character, he also has my hands down fav list of book club questions.  Usually, these questions involve such things as motivation, theme, etc. but Haas' are as follows:
Who brought this salad?
Is someone sitting here?
Did we talk about changing to Thursdays?
Is this the nonfat?
What does anyone think about painting this room orange?
Did you read the book? Will it ruin it for you if I talk about it?
 Love it!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer books

Photo credit Stephen Webster for the Wall Street Journal

The Read or Rot website has an aggregation of summer reading lists from all kinds of sources - something for everyone!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little links I like

Photo: Steidl
My favorite link of the day: perfume that makes you smell like a book (via Jezebel).  (There is also a scent called Paperback from Demeter if $115 makes you wince!)

Some amazing children's books in iPad app form (via The Digital Media Diet)

New fiction recommendations (via Kirkus Reviews)

A guide to walking and reading at the same time (via - I can't imagine doing this in NYC, as the author does, but I can read 100 pages in 3 miles on Alpharetta's wide open sidewalks :)

And here's a link to the library's Adult Summer Reading Program: hit the "Click here" link on the top line and you'll have a chance to submit a book review and be entered in a drawing for some great prizes (your very own Friends of the Ocee Library donated a $25 Amazon gift card that you could have a chance to win, among other prizes) - good luck!