Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little links I like

Photo: Steidl
My favorite link of the day: perfume that makes you smell like a book (via Jezebel).  (There is also a scent called Paperback from Demeter if $115 makes you wince!)

Some amazing children's books in iPad app form (via The Digital Media Diet)

New fiction recommendations (via Kirkus Reviews)

A guide to walking and reading at the same time (via - I can't imagine doing this in NYC, as the author does, but I can read 100 pages in 3 miles on Alpharetta's wide open sidewalks :)

And here's a link to the library's Adult Summer Reading Program: hit the "Click here" link on the top line and you'll have a chance to submit a book review and be entered in a drawing for some great prizes (your very own Friends of the Ocee Library donated a $25 Amazon gift card that you could have a chance to win, among other prizes) - good luck!