Monday, January 28, 2013

Our New Book Nook

The hardest working crew in town!

The Book Nook turned out great - even better than I'd envisioned! Make sure you stop in and shop the new shelves in the Ocee Library - we've got a lot more books for you to buy to support the library! Thanks to everyone who helped put it together:
  • Malcolm and Yvonne's son Ryan put all the bookcases in place.
  • Malcolm also moved the lockboxes over to the new shelves - it took him two trips back to his house for tools, plus a trip to the hardware store, but he got it done!
  • Jane, Yvonne, Ryan and Sheri got all the books organized.
  • Sheri had new membership brochures and signage put together for us.
  • Trish found our new FoOL jester logo for us, and hung flyers around the library promoting the Book Nook.
  • Nancy wrote checks and toted books & screws (while her daughter provided moral support and wore cute glittery clothes for us to adore!) and she is looking forward to collecting gobs of money from the new cashboxes.
  • Lea wielded a mean vacuum cleaner - luckily Trish got a picture! 
She's either a Ghostbuster or a new Board Member - it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes :)
  • Jane and Sheri went by Spruill Oaks after their book sale, and picked up some extra books to fill out the shelves, and restock with. Thanks, Friends of Northeast/Spruill Oaks Library!
  • Jane is going to continue picking up at Read It Again Bookstore (thanks also to RIA for their support), and Yvonne is going to help make sure the shelves stay full. 
So many good books to buy - I like to think Bob approves!
Again, I really appreciate everybody's help today - we just barely got it all done before the library opened (or only a few minutes past anyway!), and it took a lot of people giving up some precious weekend time to make that happen - many, many thanks! I definitely think it was worth it!

All ready for Valentine's Day - Jane provided the cute Lucy & Linus sign!

P.S. One of the best parts of our new Book Nook? It only cost us $2.83 (the cost of the new screws for securing the lockboxes) since we already had all the bookcases.