Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dear Library

Always a new book to wolf down in the dead of night,
a borrowed book to read by torchlight…
In the morning, last night’s saved page turns
to who last had this book out
and the date returned, 9 June, this year.

This same book in a stranger's hands, half-known.
Those readers, kindred spirits, almost friends.
You are in transition; you are on the threshold.
The library is the place that gets you. Pure gold.

You are Holden, you’re Lyra, you’re White Fang,
you’re Kidnapped, you’re Skellig, you’re Refugee Boy.
You’re Callum, a nought, you’re Catch 22.
You’re Chris Guthrie. You're Hyde. You're Boo Radley.
It's not Accidental. You are those books. Those books are You...

 Dear Library, written by best-selling author Jackie Kay, chronicles the importance of the library through all stages of one's life. The poem is being used for Scottish Book Week in November. Seems perfect to celebrate Ocee Library's 10th anniversary today, too!