Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Adult Summer Reading?

  • Model good reading behavior to kids
  • Promote literacy and lifelong learning
  • Encourages advocacy for libraries (adults are the ones who vote for funding and joins Friends)
  • An opportunity to try something different, meet new people, and learn about our community by attending theme programming
  • Shows library services are for a broad range of patrons (beyond parents and kids)

 Ocee’s adult summer reading program doesn’t require online registration and is open to college-age adults to seniors citizens.  If you need incentive, there'll be a raffle! Adults fill out the Adult Summer Reading Bookmark and include 5 titles they have read/listened to. 

This year's theme is health.  Ocee's new adult librarian, Stephanie Galipeau, can help with your selections. She's also lined up some great health themed programs, too!