Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Missy Flapjack & the Butterworth Blues Band


Ocee ROCKS: Missy Flapjack & the Butterworth Blues Band 
LIVE in Concert at Ocee Library
Friday: October 5. 7:00 pm 9:30 pm
Join us for a special after-hours concert featuring Missy Flapjack & 
the Butterworth Blues Band. 
Limited supply of adult refreshments courtesy of PBR | first come, first served

Missy Flapjack and The Butterworth Blues Band have been serving up delicious blues and rock for nearly a decade in Atlanta and across the Southeast. Featuring Brian Rosen on guitar, David Knaub on drums, Jon Roberts on bass, and Alexis M. LaSalle as Missy “Mississippi” Flapjack on lead vocals and keys.

This band writes and performs a variety of rock and traditional blues-style songs and are currently producing and arranging several new songs for their upcoming 2017-18 record release. Look for their upcoming debut album, Sunny Side Up, featuring “When You Least Expect It”, “Dirt.”, “Miles of Craggy Road”, and “Sing Tonight”.