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Monday, February 4, 2019

About ATL

The first week of February is sure to please Fulton County readers, as we have a New Book Newsletter full of stories with Atlanta area connections. Long time Newsletter readers know we have always denoted our local authors with a peach icon to better draw attention to their work. There are now so many excellent books that use both Fulton County and our state as a setting that we felt our readers would like a way to quickly recognize those as well. A Georgia icon will now let you know when an author has been smart enough to recognize that our state is the best place for their story to take place - even if they aren't lucky enough to live here themselves.   
Rounding out this week's crop of stories with local connections is a recommendation that highlights the re-release of an Atlanta classic. Next week our promotional copy give away feature will return! Be sure let all your friends know they can sign up for the New Books Newsletter for a chance to win, as well as our weekly highlights of new titles you can be the first in line to read.