Sunday, March 17, 2019

Gary Cooper

No, not the actor, but a star in his own right. "Our" Gary Cooper custom designed and crafted the Friends donor wall. You see his work each time you pass through the library doors (or here on the blog). Visit here and here to learn how the donor wall came about. 

Past Ocee Friends President, Rachel recalls, "Gary was a very sweet man - his brother helped him with the installation. I remember he was hesitant to take the project on because he had never done anything like it, and we were just giving him a photo for inspiration and asking him to wing it. But he ended up being very proud of how it came out (justifiably! I think ours ended up looking much better than the original), and I fondly recall taking a picture of him next to it, and he just had the biggest smile on his face!"

Jan 12, 1944 – Jan 27, 2019