Thursday, November 7, 2019

Do You Reread?

Laura Sackton, contributor to Book Riot, shares some thoughts on rereading.

"When it comes to rereading, every reader is different. For some, rereading is an essential part of loving and understanding the books they read; for others, it’s a chore. I fall somewhere in the middle. There are certain comfort books I read over and over, books that I can pick up when I’m stressed or upset and that always immediately make me feel better. There are other books that are just too good, too complex and layered, to read only once.

In the past few years, though, my relationship with rereading has shifted, thanks to my new favorite thing: rereading books on audio. Rereading a book is always a different experience from reading it the first time around. But listening to a book after having read it in print is something else entirely. There’s a wonderful depth to rereading on audio. It’s still rereading, but there’s also an element of newness to it. Good narrators bring so much vitality to books. Hearing characters voiced aloud adds layers to those characters I don’t always experience in print. Listening to an author read their own memoir can add an emotional depth that’s impossible replicate in print. Rereading on audio is the perfect blend of new and familiar. It’s a way to get a new perspective on beloved books."

You can download audiobooks from the library system website!