Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Reading Resolutions

Natalie had gotten away from reading during school and following the birth of her 3 children in 3 years. She wanted to get back to something she'd once enjoyed - and more importantly to be a reading role model for her kids. 

“In the past I’d had a generalized plan to read more often,” she said. “This was the first year that I set a timeline to reach my goal, along with accountability practices, and intention to ensure that I truly would spend 2019 reading.” She even made a spreadsheet with titles and synopses of each book she finished. At week 50, she'd passed her book a week goal! 

Beside the accomplishment of completing the books, she found an unexpected bonus. “I took great joy in mailing completed books of meaning to people I cared for. Passing the books on to friends offered full circle moments of sharing education, ideas, creativity, imagination and joy throughout the year.”

Will you resolve to read more, join a book club, or read outside of your comfort zone in 2020?