Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Ocee Yoga on youtube

Ocee's fantastic yoga instructor sent the following!

"We are all seeking to re-connect with people and activities we love and miss.
Thus my inspiration for creating an online energy yoga class for you. The address is
You can also go to You Tube and look for Energy Yoga Patricia Gagne.
Posted March 29, 2020.

I invite you to prepare by finding yourself a quiet spot where you can sit peacefully and also move around joyfully. Then follow the instructions and participate! Don't just watch!!!"

Monday, March 30, 2020

Gershwin and Garth

"The Gershwin Prize -- named for the legendary songwriting team of George and Ira Gershwin -- is awarded yearly to a living musical artist, in recognition of their "lifetime achievement in promoting the genre of song as a vehicle of entertainment, information, inspiration and cultural understanding." Says Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, "Garth Brooks’ appeal as a performer, songwriter and humanitarian has brought many new fans into the world of country music. During his career, Brooks has set countless records, earned numerous awards and elevated country music into a national anthem of the American people.”

The Gershwin Prize for Popular Song was established in 2007. Its previous recipients include Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Carole King and 
Willie Nelson. The 58-year-old Brooks is the youngest recipient ever.

Check local PBS channels for the 3 May ceremony/concert.


A big thank you to 

  • health care workers and first responders
  • store clerks and order pickers
  • truck drivers and mail carriers
  • utilities and sanitation workers
  • teachers
  • AFPLS staff keeping the library running on-line
  • all the good Samaritans in our community

Pepys' Plague - 1665

'In the weeks ahead, Lapham's Quarterly will feature voices from the past who told stories that rhyme with the one unfolding before us—stories dealing with quarantine, unfathomable deaths, isolation, dread, and attempts to find community when the rest of the world feels far away.

It’s likely that nearly a hundred thousand people—a quarter of London—died during the Great Plague of 1665. Transmitted by flea-covered rats, the bubonic plague started with a fever, and its victims then erupted in boils on their groins, their armpits, seemingly anywhere uncomfortable for an abscess to appear. People usually died within a week of contracting the bacterial infection, vomiting up bile and blood until they expired. Thirty-two-year-old Samuel Pepys watched the plague ravage London, dutifully recording how the city emptied as he continued to work, socialize, and dream of assignations.' Read his diary here.

Captain Underpants to the Rescue

Dav Pilkey’s words and drawings have entered the imaginations of millions of children. Now the bestselling author of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series will be welcoming readers inside his mind through Dav Pilkey at Home, a collaboration between the author, the Library of Congress, and Scholastic. Get more details here!


“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” 
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Friday, March 27, 2020

States of Love

The New York Times has compiled a list of stories about love - in all its forms - from each of our 50 states. From Maine (Colony - Anne River Siddons) to California (Daughter of Fortune - Isabel Allende) you're sure to find a story you'll love. Quite a few on the list have been made into movies.

To Read During...

TIME offers some suggestions on what to read during 'lockdown' from books about epidemics (Love in the Time of Cholera) to solitude (Walden) to 'escapist thrillers, fantasies and super fun books' (Harry Potter series) and more. 
Image result for keep calm and read

Sir Patrick Stewart

Noted Shakespearean actor Sir Patrick Stewart has pledged to recite all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, one each day, on his Instagram account.

Virtual Book Clubs

"While literature on its own offers solace and distraction, it can also become the backbone of community. Over the past few weeks, many digital book clubs have sprouted up across the globe, allowing people to interact with their favorite authors, discuss thorny moral questions or just see other human faces."

Visit TIME for virtual book clubs to try and some suggestions for starting your own.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Be a Digital Detective

The Newberry wants help deciphering 140-year-old letters such as this one, written by a teacher named Anna Everett, who settled in her family’s home in Remsen, New York.Librarians and archivists have digitzed loads of material, but more remains. Institutions are looking for armchair archivists—volunteers who can generate knowledge by clicking through digitized resources, deciphering handwriting, tagging photos, and more. Click here to find out who can use your help and how - or just browse their archives.


All books due to be returned should remain with library patrons and SHOULD NOT be returned. Checkouts have been extended and no fines will be issued during this time.

Amazon Delays

Publishers Weekly reports delays at Amazon in shipping out books as items like household staples, health and medical goods are receiving priority.

Temp Library Cards

Residents who do not currently have a library card can apply for one online and have a temporary library card issued on the library website at under the header “services.” The card will allow access to one of our most popular digital resources, OverDrive, as well as the Libby app for downloading of ebooks and audiobooks.

Questions for FulCo Library?

Library staff is online and ready to answer questions, troubleshoot issues with library cards, answer questions about digital services Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. through the Ask A Librarian service at:

"Spring Into Reading" at FulCo Library

Patrons can begin our “Spring Into Reading” activity, also available on Beanstack ( Readers of all ages are encouraged to read and log three books and write reviews of those books to complete the program.

Follow @fulcolibrary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all online library activities.

Big Library Read

Join the #BigLibraryRead today with OverDrive or the Libby app.
The Big Library Read is now underway! Visit our digital collection to borrow the featured title ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic’ by Michael McCreary with no waitlists or holds.
*BONUS: Use #BigLibraryRead for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet from @OverDriveLibs

Rock & Roll

Rolling Stone has compiled the 50 best rock memoirs. They tend to have the same plot, but are unique to each musician. Fascinating to read about their lives behind the scenes. Yes, women rockers are also represented.

Brian Wilson: I Am Brian Wilson (2016)  Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run (2016)


PBS channel 8 has revamped their daytime lineup to "Georgia Home Classroom". Visit their website for schedules and reflection questions for students. Great viewing for adults, too with programs like NOVA and History Detectives!


The spring breaker who made national headlines recently has sobered up - and has taken responsibility. Read his reply here. The article also includes the explanation as to why young people feel invincible.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


As Fulton County Libraries remain closed, Library staff is working hard to continue providing as many services as possible for patrons. Some challenges that have been identified and addressed are below. Please be sure to share this information with friends, family and neighbors.

1. All library cards due to expire during the closure have been automatically extended. Patrons should be able to proceed as usual with their online checkouts, downloads, etc.

2. All books due to be returned should remain with library patrons and SHOULD NOT be returned. Checkouts have been extended and no fines will be issued during this time.

3. All items currently on hold, will remain on hold until the library reopens. Holds WILL NOT expire during the closure period.

4. While all cards, due dates and holds have been extended, you may continue to receive automated messages from the system. Please disregard any "due date notices" until we reopen to the public.

As always, if you have any questions about the library closure or about how to access library services during this time, please contact us at

Daily Streaming Storytime

While our libraries are temporarily closed we are hosting special streaming storytime programs Monday - Friday at 11:00am. Please join us, share, and create digital watch parties.

Kids' Resources

With school and library closures due to the new coronavirus outbreak, children’s authors and publishers are going digital to provide kids with ways to read, draw, engage, and support other children who might need a helping hand. Publishers Weekly is tracking some of the most creative efforts on social media and across the web. 

You'll find their current list with nearly 2 dozen resources here


Sharing a message from Ocee yoga/meditation teacher, Patricia:

"We are having to learn how to find a sense of peace and well-being while being confined to our homes and overwhelmed with a sense of fear and foreboding about what is happening in the world around us. Without a determination to take control of our inner world (our thoughts and feelings, our energy,) we can't help but be caught up in all kinds of negative emotions. 

How not to feel afraid when every person we encounter represents a potential danger? How not to feel angry when so much of what we have earned with our hard work seems to be slipping away? How not to resist the temptation to close our hearts to a connection with deeper spirit when we need all our strength to deal with today? 

We have a choice, one that will impact our future when all this is behind us. If we enter the quiet, in meditation and self-discovery, we can not only deal better with what we are facing, but also grow in wisdom and love, grow our soul, as we say. I invite you to make the effort to not just react to what is happening, but to go within so that our actions arise from a more wise and loving place."

"Lockdown" - a poem of hope

Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan living in Ireland, has penned a touching poem about coronavirus.

Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.

Please read the entire poem here:

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick's Day!

May the blessing of light be on you—
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire.


In the words of Barney Fife:
Image result for barney fife nip it in the bud
We're all in this together -
Let's all take the necessary precautions to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Lockdown Lit

"If you’re in angst-ridden quarantine, you’ll probably be finding it hard to take your mind off things. One high-risk strategy — not for those of a nervous disposition — is to dive headlong into some of literature’s most horrific plagues, via Sophocles to Albert Camus, to put things in perspective.

There’s some solace in the unity of human experience over the centuries. Big themes — terrifying incomprehension, the vulnerability of doctors and the emergence of cynical profiteers — recur across the centuries."

Click here for a list of 'feel-good' classics.

Saturday, March 14, 2020


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement that in-person early voting, which began statewide March 2, will be halted and the election will be moved to May 19, when Georgia’s other 2020 primary elections are being held.

Election officials said in addition to the safety of the public, one of the biggest considerations was the risk the virus posed to poll workers, who are often older.

Bored Kids?

Parents share ideas, websites, and apps to keep kids entertained and learning while schools are closed.


Anyone been stress baking lately? Need an activity for the kids? This recipe for salted butter chocolate shortbread has quite a following on-line.

Alison Roman salted chocolate shortbread from

Ethical Alternative!

Electric Lit is proud to announce that we’re partnering with Bookshop, the new online bookstore that’s an ethical alternative to Amazon.

Here’s how it works: When you buy a book by clicking a Bookshop link on Electric Lit, 10% of the sale goes to support EL, and another 10% goes to independent booksellers. Now you can order your books with just a few clicks and support Electric Lit and help out independent bookstores.

Bookshop is the first company to offer a viable alternative to Amazon affiliate links that works for book buyers, book sellers, and literary websites like ours. Plus, we’ve curated staff picks and reading lists over on our Bookshop page, which we’ll regularly update with new roundups and recommendations.

Bookmark, favorite or otherwise save our Bookshop page so you can use it whenever you buy books online—when you do, you'll be supporting EL and your favorite indie bookstore!
Visit EL's Bookshop page

Start with a Poem

Reading poetry is a willful act. Making sense of strange groupings of words requires an agile form of listening—one that can bridge ambiguity and keep pace with a poet’s linguistic leaps.

It’s precisely these skills that make poetry pleasurable, and also useful in the workplace, says Pádraig Ó Tuama, an Irish theologian, poet, and the host of the new podcast Poetry Unbound. “In poetry, one allows ambivalence and ambiguity of multiple meanings to coexist. It creates space for hospitality and complexity,” he says.

Have a poem sent to your in-box or phone: 

Women's History

OverDrive Collection


Due to concerns over COVID-19 all Fulton County libraries will be closed as of Friday, March 13 at 6 p.m. and will remain closed until further notice. Current and upcoming programs and events are canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date. Remember, our digital resources such as Hoopla, Libby, Overdrive, Freegal, and more are always available on

Any libraries that currently serve as an early voting location, will continue to do so. However library services WILL NOT be available in these branches, only voting.
The library is working to ensure any fines are waived for overdue materials and that all holds are extended until the library reopens.
Please continue to check for updates or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @fulcolibrary.

Early Voting

Any libraries that currently serve as an early voting location, will continue to do so. 

However library services WILL NOT be available in these branches, only voting.

Please continue to check for updates or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @fulcolibrary.