Sunday, March 22, 2020


As Fulton County Libraries remain closed, Library staff is working hard to continue providing as many services as possible for patrons. Some challenges that have been identified and addressed are below. Please be sure to share this information with friends, family and neighbors.

1. All library cards due to expire during the closure have been automatically extended. Patrons should be able to proceed as usual with their online checkouts, downloads, etc.

2. All books due to be returned should remain with library patrons and SHOULD NOT be returned. Checkouts have been extended and no fines will be issued during this time.

3. All items currently on hold, will remain on hold until the library reopens. Holds WILL NOT expire during the closure period.

4. While all cards, due dates and holds have been extended, you may continue to receive automated messages from the system. Please disregard any "due date notices" until we reopen to the public.

As always, if you have any questions about the library closure or about how to access library services during this time, please contact us at