Sunday, February 14, 2021

Bringing Happy Moments to Life

Ocee's yoga instructor Patricia G, gives steps to tap into happy moments.

"We can choose to think about and reflect upon happy moments in our lives. We have the power to fill our consciousness with sensations that give us a sense of well-being."

1) Make a clear decision to do this, believing in your own power to create the life you want.
Recall times in the past where you have taken control in an out-of-control situation. Know your own strength.

2) Choose to create some quiet time for yourself, no phones, no outer demands. Find a spot where you will not be disturbed, even for a short period of time, and where you find comfort. You deserve this.

3) Bring to mind one or more happy moments in your life, savoring the details and becoming aware of the feelings in this moment in time. Give yourself a set amount of time to fill your consciousness with this positivity.

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