Sunday, May 30, 2021

Get Wild!

The UK's Wildlife Trusts' annual 30 Days Wild campaign starts 1 June. People are encouraged to get out and experience nature every day for a month. A survey of last year’s participants has revealed the UK's favourite 'random acts of wildness'.

  • Listening to birdsong 
  • Exercising outdoors
  • Eating outdoors / picnic
  • Identifying wildflowers
  • Planting wildflower seeds
  • Going on a bug hunt
  • Making a wildlife home (birdbox, bee hotel)
  • Sketching, drawing or painting nature
This sounds like a fantastic idea where ever you live! Visit the library for identification guides, nature craft how-to, and family passes to Georgia State Parks or the Atlanta Zoo. A new section of the Greenway is opening, too!